Amelia Ayana Howlett

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Amelia's Profile at 15 Weeks First pic after she was born The first family pic

Oct 23:

Due to an unplanned C-Section, we stayed in the hospital for 5 days after birth.

5 day bundle of joy sleeping beauty smiles in sleep

Oct 24

swaddled and silent looks just like her Ah-ma in this one daddy and daughter united at last

Oct 25 -

At the Jing De Post-Natal Care Center:

a first day's indulgence at the PNCC whatcha doin' daddy? cutie face

Early Vidz:

   Oct 20: Wanju's video of Baby, Aunt and Mommy

   Oct 25: Leaving the hospital

   Oct 25: First car ride together

Oct 29 -

She makes that cute face when she's being burped:

cuddling with mommy gettin' burpinated *buurrraaap!* oh, excuse me

Nov 05 -

Here's a video of her practicing kung fu and pix of us just hanging out:

daddy on her left ceiling over there mommy on her right

Nov 06 -

The poor thing came down with something the next day:

feverish sweat mother and daughter the look of distrust?

Nov 14 -

Everyone says she looks more like me, but both the mother and I disagree:

her gerber baby look her patient look bonk!

Dec 23rd -

Now at 5.6 kg, she's cuter than ever! Here's a glimpse of daily living with Xiaohu (he can't stop making noise, poor kid).

dang thats a cute look scratchy nose at Tasty (XiTiNiuPai) adorable look

From time to time, just to make sure you get the full Amelia experience, I'll take a 3D image of her:

Amelia in 3D

Dec 24th -

Taichung living

Daddy needs a shave Mug Shot Huh? Whassat?

Dec 25th - 28th

This was the first time I got to spend more than 4 hours alone with my baby:

Left: Her suspicious look.

Center: Playin' her cute card again...

Right: First time I applied the '4th Trimester' techniques to get her to bed fast. Worked amazingly well, but she woke up screaming which is highly unusual (she usually smiles, looks around, hangs out, etc). Perhaps we're already past the 4th trimester stage...

Dad, entertain me. Now. Whatever she's lookin at, must be fun Swaddled, pacified and put to sleep. *sigh*

Dec 29th -

It pained me enormously to have to leave, but alas... ALAS!!! At least she's in good hands while Daddy goes back to work:

Momma bird feeding her young Nothing beats a good cuddle from mommy Mommy's passed out on the HSR

Such a cutie!

a cuter baby could not possibly exist

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