Amelia Ayana Howlett

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lookin around fell asleep with pacifier in mouth most precious giggle pic EVER! Another Mug Shot
Poor thing, getting grumpy Another adorable look Acting cute Beware the CLAW!!
Chris came for a visit in Taipei! Daddy and daughter back in Taichung Another daddy/daughter moment A hearty laugh! ... or, evil?
Mother and daughter at Zhenguo restaurant Sweet dreams your smart phone will know what to do with qr codes <-- Amelia's PNCC!
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Jan 19th - exactly 3 months old:
She's gettin' big back to her cutesy cooing again crawlin around being a baby isn't without its frustrating moments
a future tweeter march band practice sleepy fuzzy head bleh
oh, why, hi there learning the fine art of extreme vedging

February - the month she became 4 months old:
This is my Yang Mei-Mei She's got the 'stink eye' look down! Rainy tour of the Cingjing Farm Fascinated to no end by technology
Hanging out with daddy Adorable face Intense Angelic
Discovery: She looked just like Aunt Roxanne when she was a baby Not a big fan of wearing hats... yet.

March - Journey to the US!:
Row 14 from TPE to NRT (3/8) Row 26 from NRT to HNL (3/8) Row 10 from HNL to DEN - had to share the seat with daddy for 6 hrs Meeting her Uncle Richard and Cousin Iris for the first time (3/9)
Hug attack by Sella Hanging with Adventure-addicted daddy Concentrating hard May their respective gods have mercy on anyone who tries to harm my baby... for mercy shall not be mine that day
First lunch at the table Had enough of being outside

April - Half a year old:
Starting to be more interactive with Iris Awww, my adorable little tax credit Mommy burpin' the behbeh Hanging out at the airport
Reeaach!! Visiting friends in Aurora Mommies and daughters More friends passing through town
First walker experience Already outgrowing her polar bear jacket In her favorite little cap from Korea

May - Finally meets Grandma and Grandpa and our first family photo!
I love it when she sleeps on my chest 1st Family Photo Visit from grandparents and the cousins
All the Howlett grandchildren (so far) Definitely has her mommy's beautiful smile First visit to the dog park; almost eaten only once

June - Learning to crawl and sprouting her baby teeth
Reconfigured the stroller to be forward-facing Visit to the Rocky Mtns Playing with her giggle ball
First time in the high chair First time to sit in the shopping cart Total pro with the high chair thing
Crawling for the first time at Tran's house She loves that mirror Acquainting with neighbor kid
With Grandpa and Grandma at the Lyons Fork

July - Trip back to Taiwan and a time change adjustment to remember
Hangin out with Daddy Flying across the pacific
REALLLY long jet-lag-related nap during the day The old crib seems a bit smaller

August - Daddy's visit to Taiwan while working in India
Playing in her nice play room Trying on her new swim suit Fun with balloons A wonderful time swimming
She's finally crawling! (11.9 MB)

September - Family trip to Australia!
Playing with her new toys in Taiwan Slurping noodles We got the entire row to ourselves to and from Sydney... she slept like, um... a baby!
Helping Daddy find the places to visit Of course, nobody visits Sydney without a stopover at Taronga Zoo A great view of the Harbor Bridge from the Circular Quay
You've never seen someone react so aversely to roasted tomatoes! Yuck! The Three Sisters, Blue Mountains Sitting at the Sydney Airport waiting to go home!

October - Happy 1st Birthday!
Supermodel pose Cruisin' Smiley Shopping for electronics
Tee Hee Hrrmm? Standing tall Early morning moment
I wanna come too, Daddy! Happy First B-day! Scramble Bee birthday gift Puppy eyes
Riding around on her new birthday present! (86 MB)

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