Amelia Ayana Howlett

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Jan/Feb/March Skype calls:

Most of our calls look like this She's feeding me whatever is in her hand Yep, the ol couch view Nice Haircut So many stuffed animals!

April visit that entailed the Taipei Zoo and lots of eating/shopping/playing:

I got her some Lego's to play with over dinner Peace Excitement Plants vs Zombies Hi Daddy
Carousel Ride Carousel Taiwan High Speed Rail Daddy got her a hat at the Taipei Zoo Riding atop daddy's shoulders
Panda Attack 1 Panda Attack 3 Panda Attack 3 It's eating something Amelia's own panda
Display of Different Animal Poos Class for Clay Panda Yay! All Done! New shoes came with a 2x speed boost! Teddy King

Bonus videos:

Carousel (11 MB)
Sliding Down (4 MB)
Making a Panda (39 MB)

May Saturday at the Science Museum and Sunday in the LihPao Land Water Park:

Her reaction to 'Daddy's coming to Taiwan' Another Skype before my departure Inspecting Iris' Work A visit to the Giraffe Amelia and Daddy
She couldn't find the door So carefree Taking a rest in an air igloo Exiting the Igloo Checking out the shrimp at the minizoo
She doesn't eat there under my watch New Swimsuit!  She and I agreed it was the best one Monkey was one of the first words she learned in English Her OCD kicking in - rearranging DVDs so they all look the same Her Dora painting book from Daddy
She likes to put stickers on faces Flying the Elephant... up/down/up/down, repeat... fast Riding the duck, hands at 10 and 2 Volkswagen (?) childrens meal The dragon ride inspires wonder

Bonus videos:

A Food Sampling Followed by a Silly Face (38 MB)
Climbing a Wall (27 MB)
Little Boat Ride (64 MB)

August - Father's Day weekend:

Watching Diego via Skype Another Skype before my departure from Beijing Playing atop the slide at SOGO She's gotten so BIG You can see how much she's grown since last August by clicking on this one
A 3DX stereogram at Eda World A full size Trojan Horse A tiger merry-go-round Riding the Magic Bike with daddy There's a vid of her flying this below
Truckin' Bouncy gym with a balloon sword... Developing an early gambling habit Ice cream satisfaction This is how she got around most of the weekend
Making a giant stag beetle out of clay Rubik's cube display... they were all unsolveable Crawling through the tunnel Hercules... another 3DX stereogram Making faces in the mirror

Bonus videos:

Indoor Playground Fun (50 MB)
Girl can DANCE! (14 MB)
A Day at Eda World in Kaohsiung (35 MB)

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