Amelia Ayana Howlett

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Jan/Feb Skype calls:

Skype call Distracted Holding a... pen? Bemused Intense scrutiny
Showing Coco balloon static charge Showing off another masterpiece I love this look Bemused Again Donning a cool mask

Feb 21 day trip to Hsinchu (here we are playing with Photobooth on my iPad in the High Speed Rail car):

I showed her how to use PhotoBooth She learned quickly Using Photobooth for the first time Two headed Pudge girl
Making herself look fat was her favorite My poor deformed daughter Oh the humanity! Enhancing the pudgeface look with some noodles Drawing a picture of daddy (note the consummate number of wrinkles)

Feb 21 at LeoFoo Village near Hsinchu:

Arrived Hanging out with Meercats Hanging out with REAL meercats Amelia's first pony ride! Making faces with daddy
Making faces with daddy 2 A walk through the jurassic era A moment of delight Train ride! She whispers to daddy outside the taxi: I secretly took a picture of that auntie!

Feb 22nd hanging out in Taichung:

Exploring the world Planting a mulberry tree Religious bears Market bears Electric energy bears
High tech smart bears Brewer bears Amelia's amazing contraption Two towers... one must fall! Balloon maze!!
Such delight Drawing skills always improving Getting lost in the balloon maze She totally owns that sheep pasture Sculpting a cake bear
Drying her clay sculpture Cooking A farewell Bwah ha ha ha! Have you seen this little girl?

Bonus video:

A day with Amelia(60 MB)

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