The Fishies of the House

The Fishies of the House

Here's where I pointlessly chronicle the highly meaningful lives of my fish and other people's fish that happened to live with my fish. The fishies are Genie (Johnny's fish), Gimpy (Brandy's fish) and Meanie (my fish). If you enjoy this webpage, you've obviously got very little to do to entertain yourself, but oh well...

This is the first tank Brandy and I got. It's just 2.5gals and I think now that it's a little too small for even one fish. There's GoldTail swimming around in there. She died. It creeped Gimpy out, I could tell.

This is Gimpy. Mild mannered fish.

This is Meanie. Very angry fish; picks on the others for some reason, especially during feeding time.

New 10 gal fish tank. This should give them much more space to move around.

As much as I like to think they're playing, Meanie really is a bully. Damn Fish. Wondering if I should return him to Petsmart...

Maybe Meanie is angry because he was picked on by other fish at Petsmart. You'll notice the tears in his fins. I almost named him "Fin Rot"

Spruced up the ol' Fish Tank with some more stuff that Brandy got from her host family (they're such generous and nice folks!)

Since the new decorations were added, even Genie has come out and enjoyed the new environment. She's so shy otherwise.

She now boldly forages freely in the open. Genie is my nephew's fish. Pretty, eh?
UPDATED July 8, 2004:

Genie has expired. I came home one day to find that she'd wedged herself underneath a neat new bubble tube and stayed there until she died. I don't think it affected the other two fish that much. See how happy they are?

Gimpy hasn't changed that much, but Brandy insists that his spots are changing.

But as you may have noticed, Meanie is quite a different story. It's like he's a completely different fish. I kinda miss those black spots.