This is the place where I pretty much archive all my crappy Ti-86 programs. Contrary to what you may think while running these programs, I've actually spent a significant amount of time on each one. Nonetheless, I think they're really good for starting to learn how to program in a fun and constructive kind of way.

Well, for starters, here's my first program. It's embarrassingly bad, and I actually made the mistake of letting one of my calculus peers take a gander of it while it was still in its infancy. I didn't see much of him after that. Wonder why...

Click here to download ADVENTURE!

Okay, so you hate that one. I understand - it's slow, boring and has an incredibly bad story line. But what other game in the world asks you how you feel about what you've just done upon completion of it? Is that not a revolutionary concept, to make people actually stop and think about their actions? So what if it doesn't make up for the lousy game?

Now with that little nasty out of the way, here's my second program called Creepy Caverns. I kind of like this one because it's a vast improvement over Adventure. There are more rooms, more monsters and different levels - and there are actual items that you can actually pick up and use! cool..

Click here to download Creepy Caverns!

You probably weren't a very big fan of that one either, were you? Sigh, in this day of CGI graphics and 1GHz processing, kids are so hard to please... Well, alas, here's a neat program that I'm sure you'll just love. It's a maze game that's in 3D!! (albeit SLOW - hey, we're talkin' about the '86 here!

Click here to download Maze Craze!

Pretty neat, eh? I kind of like this one because it features the mysterious "Angry Man" who just starts walloping on you for no appearant reason whatsoever. The savvy player will realize that the most prudent button to push would be the "RETRE" (retreat) button. Yep, it's just not worth it getting the stuffings knocked out of you, even if in the end you can beat him. Level three is the last level. Sorry about the anticlimatic ending.

Well, if you're still tuning in, I figger I might want to add a little anecdote. Once, on a really long road trip to Albuquerque from Lubbock, TX, I was playing around with programming a Tic-Tac Toe game when it occurred to me that programming BattleShip wouldn't be that hard. So I did. It was the coolest game I'd ever seen for the TI-86, fast, fun and full of ship-sinking violence. Then, I was going to show the driver a program that my brother Henry had made, and just as I was running that evil program, it froze my calculator and when all was said and done, everything... EVERYTHING was erased!! What a stinkaru!! So I lost Battleship. Bummer. The End. Thanks for listening.

So let that be a lesson to ya, BACK YER STUFF UP!!

Here's a snapshot of my attempted Rubik's Cube solver. I was kind of excited about this at first but then lost interest as it got more and more difficult: