From the day I was old enough to drive, I have had on average 2 cars and at lease one different car per year. This is my story:

First car

1971 Vega - First car - I bought this car for $200 at the age of 16. It had a 4-cylinder that didn't run. I replaced the engine with something of the V-variety. It had many overheating issues. It lost a hood traveling down a country road (I forgot to bolt it on… oops). I eventually broke the spider-gears in the differential and I didn't want to work on it ever again. I forget how I disposed of it.

1982 GM Station Wagon - Mother's Car - Once the Vega was gone my mother offered up her car as a means for transporting myself to school. Though this was a very un-cool car initially it was much heavier than the Vega, thus class mates couldn't pick it up an move it… The fun began when I hit a car in front of me at parked at a green light. This would have never happened if the girls in Bikinis driving the Jeep hadn't caught my eye… As one can imagine, I parked the car on the side of the house and cautiously approached my father and gave him the bad news. He took it really well from what I remember. My second accident wasn't my fault at all. I got plowed leaving school one day. Parking on the side of the house wasn't going to do it this time so I went to dad and explained what happened. I don't remember him taking it all that well the second time. All the same the car was mine at this point. I fixed the 2 dents, painted the car jet black, put new rims on it, lowered it, put a bunch of 15" speakers in the back and bumped to metal and rap. My dad traded the car in but I really didn't mind all that much.

1966 Corvette Stingray Convertible - Father's College Car - About the time I started driving my mother's station wagon, my father had let his college car sit in the driveway for about 3-yeas. It didn't run and the paint and interior were shot. I pushed the car into the backyard and started working on it. About two years later, the engine was rebuilt, it had a new clutch, new paint, the interior was better (not great), and most of the suspension had been replaced. The car ran great and girls really, really liked my car. This was a life lesson; girls don't like guys, girls like cars and money (to steal a quote). Anyway three tickets later, I gave my keys back to my father and never drove the car again. Funny thing, it was my choice because I didn't feel like I deserved the car and I was not responsible. My dad did use the car as bait. He indicated he might give it to me for a high school graduation gift, but that day came and went. Now when I reflect on the events, it was truly for the better.

1983 Mustang GL - Dad bought me this car - Just another work car. Rebuilt the engine and painted it, a common theme at this point. It was kinda fast but it was just a V6 after all.

1987 Yamaha FZR1000 - Jason Peter's Bike - Well just because I didn't feel responsible enough to drive a Corvette didn't mean I could drive a 10 second ¼ mile motorcycle. This did end with disaster. It really didn't take long it find out that I too was just a mere mortal. Sparing the gory details, imagine sliding down a highway at 45mph and seeing your life about to end. Very sobering experience. Lots of Novocain, and trips to rehab later I got a very pitiful settlement from the insurance company. Did I forget to mention that it wasn't my fault? Jason rebuilt his bike and made it faster. He went on to be a very good rider and I went back to cars.

1989 Mustang 5.0 - With the money I got from the settlement I couldn't resist the urge to buy a newer car. I really babied this thing and it was a sad day when I sold it. I think this was the first car I ever had sex in… Other than that, I won a lot of street races in it and so on.

1989 Mustage GT - Totaled Car Project

1987 Toyota MR2

1981 Bronco

1991 Cougar 5.0L

2001 Jetta 1.8T

1991 Toyota MR2 2.0T

1982 Firebird 5.7L

1990 BMW 750il V12