Amelia Ayana Howlett

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Friday (8/2) at Sogo Department Store:

She has no idea right now who the man standing beside her is Blowing her first diddy for Daddy A total natural Multitasking Hmm... iPad!
It is in her nature to share She learns fast She loved hugging those stuffed vegetables with Daddy She taught me that pressing the iPad button three times inverts the colors See?
Exploring different apps Thomas the Tank Engine SOGO has a big clock outside that strikes every hour It's really neat to watch SOGO... great place.

Bonus videos:

Playing the Ocarina
Distracted By Creepy Monkey Toy
Done with the Rocking Horse
Rockin the Rocking Horse

Saturday (8/3) at Sogo Department Store:

Climbing down the stairs Sliding down the slide YOU WILL NOT PASS! Hmm? Wassoverthere? HA HA!! Gotcha!
Lil Miss Sassy Girl Heck of an artist too! Adorable Doing her cute little thing Applying glaze to her clay sculpture of a pink peapod

Bonus video:

Building a Clay Sculpture of a pink peapod
[interesting choice of colors]

Skype conversations:

Pictures from our October Skype conversations:

Grandma and Grandpas House Recognizing Uncle Henry Meeting Aunt Roxanne

Visit in November:

Another November day at Sogo! Making Faces Chillin

Bonus video:

Playing My Little Pony in the hotel business room

Hanging out at the Science Museum

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